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Well, Miraculous Ladybug season 2 is about to be here the 26th October!
Miraculous Ladybug - Chat Noir - IconHappy Ladybug emoticon
AAAAAAND I've been to the Autumn's Triforce 2017 at my cegep, where I've been livestreamed with my gang doing a gameplay of Pokémon Edge Raising! 
Pokeball bullet- Pokeball Pokemon Database Icon mid Triforce Free Icon Pokeball Revamp Pokeball Emote
I wasn't here all the streaming because we're playing really late at night. 2:30AM
I wasn't stop yawning and I barely understand some parts.

I appear in 13:11, please, watch it, we speak english during the game but french between us.

I wonder if there is still some group of people who is interest about doing art in the Sonic fandom?
I would like to test something this four weeks, it's about making an art by week, I'll post it on my journal and making a chain :)
what do you think about it?

If I start this this week, you'll see that it will be easy to follow the line!
  • Every Sunday I'll tell you a topic/theme about what to draw during the week
  • You'll have all the week to draw your picture, one it's done, comment me below the journal section the link of your art
  • I'll put you art in my next Sunday journal
I try this activity this month of September for seeing if that thing could be actually nice to do with you guys!
I begging this today!
Theme of this week: Rainy day! Don't Forget Your Umbrella 

Good day!
I played the game yesterday because a friend of mine borrow me his Switch with Mania in and I can tell, IT'S A SUPER NOSTALGIA REMIX WITH NEW OLD THINGS IN IT !!!
Sonic Mania Knuckles OH NO Icon  
I sadly don't finished the game at the same day, but I reach Flying Battery Zone Boss.
It's also the first time that I play a game that it cames out the same day, I wasn't ready for this! This is so awesome!
Here the gameplay of all the game! I enjoy hard everything in it, seriously. Sonic Smug-Ass Mania

Chaotix Sonic Smooth Walk: Mania Palette

Hello everyone! I'm actually back today
and I need to update my computer from 3 weeks of no wi-fi, yay!

I had relaxing a lot and now I'm back for doing arts and retake my job. :)

Now I share photos XD
Img 20170727 203542 by JanieLemire Img 20170727 204150 by JanieLemire Img 20170730 110729 by JanieLemire
Img 20170725 204842 by JanieLemireImg 20170730 103436 by JanieLemire

Oh and don't forget Knuckles!
Img 20170809 165721 by JanieLemire Img 20170809 165809 by JanieLemire Img 20170809 165839 by JanieLemire Img 20170809 170306 by JanieLemire
Img 20170809 165922 by JanieLemire Img 20170809 165947 by JanieLemire Img 20170809 170137 by JanieLemire
Img 20170809 170354 by JanieLemire Img 20170809 170524 by JanieLemire
Img 20170809 170544 by JanieLemire Img 20170809 171503 by JanieLemireImg 20170809 203925 by JanieLemire
I slowly retake contact with Dominic and we play online at Spiral Knight.
Everything is good now. :) I told you that we will still being friends afterall! Bunny Emoji-72 (Kawaii) [V4] 
He came yesterday for playing Mario Kart DS with me and he mainly came because he was supposed to return my sweater back because I forgot it at his home last time we saw us so when he has arrived at my home he tell me that he forgot it. Wow. So that's why he returns my sweater back today. lol

I'll be absent for the 3 weeks, going to Gaspé again so I'll take it relax and still try to having fun there. ^^

Yui Hirasawa (Shocked) [V2]
Ps: My sweater smell him so much !!! I gonna cry tonight for sure, but I'll still take this privilege to myself for having his last marks. 

We ate the much beautyful thing in the world yesterday!
Totally healthy XD

19830249 1391441090892299 785704731 O by JanieLemire0710171949-00 by JanieLemire

Yeah, yesterday I came to my friends house to play video games during the day, but they were starting to talk about food and they getting themself starving a lot so we go buying foods and made this thing that we called at the end "Macarena&Cheese".

It's basically a giant bread with chopped sausages inside cheesy macaronie, added onions, mushrooms, yellow peppers, more cheeses, a lot of bacons and pulled pork.
I was actually good and suprisely teasty. XD

After eating, I desided to join smash 4 with guys and I did get first and second place many times with Sonic. There was two other TVs with Xbox and NES games. It was good, we had fun, we should do this more often during vacations, I personaly need it.

0710171928-00 by JanieLemire

Some friends of mine want to do something for making me feel better, that great!
That's how we know who's your real friends when things like that happend. :)

Now for my job, I visually need more hours because I only work one or two times every one or two weeks so I need something else. I'm boring at home!

I don't know if I should start doing money with my arts soon.
If you guys are interested.

I focus more my mind by watching fun youtube videos.
I want to show you some that I like to see. :)

Dominic leave me yesterday.
He told me about his feelings for me many times and I just can't believe he told me all that suddenly. We know that we can't keep up with our couple more longer than a last 1 year, but do we really need to leave us in vacations???  I was terrebly sad. I still am now, but I feel better since yesterday. I cried all my body out. He does the same too. He still haves feelings for me, he said that he loved me, and I believe in him. He just don't love as much I loved him.

We past all the day together yesterday saying that it will be our wonderful last day. We actually had fun, we go out, he told me many things about our memories, I do the same. I was great.

Today, I need to change ideas and make something else for my own good.

We still having contact, tought, don't worry. Isin't that bad that you guys probably thought.

If some are interesting about following me,

I'm in the french version of the game.

My name would be Vermicellini.

Good new today, I finally got a job. :)

I can save my money for my fursuit!
knuckles sings

Everyone is concern!…

Come on! We almost did it!

I give my help btw.

We should share for the last 136 people left!
It supposed to be a girl singing opera with a rock music background but I don't remember any words of this song! DX

buuut at least I know the song lol I edit it on piano.…
Nick Wilde - Icon I found three interesthing Fursuit Makers for my fursona, Kaede. Judy - Icon

Furry Network (2) Icon ultramini
Fur The Win Studio
Atelier Amanojaku…

I'm waiting for knowing all prices they will give me so I can choose the right one before going farter! But, huh... It's still even hard to choose!
Judy Hopps - Icon
I'm trying to be more here on DA these days but I have a feeling that nobody care about being on DA when it is so beautyful outside, and that's why I'm out too! XD
I wrote my mature comic script in my class book during class, but now I need to wait to have back my class book so I can continue my comic.

Vacations are close and I feel more relax than stressed out, well that's nice!
But now the only thing I absolutely need is a job... soon I guess.

And I would like to return in my furry world, I don't made any updates since a while!
I search a job.
My boyfriend have a new job.
I'll take vacations end of July.

People mantioned who are confuse about how recerving the link, I'm sorry but I tell you that I'll send it in a note but I realise that is more complicated than I thouth so I need you to note me again like others.

Of cours I just make the first page only.

I need time to continue it like any other comics.

Please be patient!


What I am currently doing?

  • Making pages: 1 at 3 hours by page.
  • Posting the page on 5 minutes.
  • Checking notes: I open my journal to tag Deviants after posting the link, depending of the number, it could take 20 minutes.
  • I hurting my back because I don't move when I draw pictures...