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I'll begin in 30 minutes so get ready if you want guys some SONAMYNESS 

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F2U :: Sailor Moon Broach #2

Please I would like to have some viewers so I can appreciate the moment with you Deviant

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Nick Wilde - Icon I found three interesthing Fursuit Makers for my fursona, Kaede. Judy - Icon

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Fur The Win Studio
Atelier Amanojaku…

I'm waiting for knowing all prices they will give me so I can choose the right one before going farter! But, huh... It's still even hard to choose!
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I'm trying to be more here on DA these days but I have a feeling that nobody care about being on DA when it is so beautyful outside, and that's why I'm out too! XD
I wrote my mature comic script in my class book during class, but now I need to wait to have back my class book so I can continue my comic.

Vacations are close and I feel more relax than stressed out, well that's nice!
But now the only thing I absolutely need is a job... soon I guess.

And I would like to return in my furry world, I don't made any updates since a while!
I search a job.
My boyfriend have a new job.
I'll take vacations end of July.

People mantioned who are confuse about how recerving the link, I'm sorry but I tell you that I'll send it in a note but I realise that is more complicated than I thouth so I need you to note me again like others.

Simply update this picture for saying there's new pages in my

That's all! :)

Adult for the fisrt time by JanieLemire

Of cours I just make the first page only.

I need time to continue it like any other comics.

Please be patient!


What I am currently doing?

  • Making pages: 1 at 3 hours by page.
  • Posting the page on 5 minutes.
  • Checking notes: I open my journal to tag Deviants after posting the link, depending of the number, it could take 20 minutes.
  • I hurting my back because I don't move when I draw pictures...
I decided today to revise my SonAmy manga and then I don't think I'll continue my work without knowing What I Am Doing in!
So that's why I'll remove my work and post it a better version of it.

  • Story line
  • Senses
  • Cleaner work

Don't worry, I'll post to all people who send me notes the new link! :)
We got many disputes and misunderstandings between me and Dominic, so we desided to take a break of us for two weeks. We're not about to break up, we just taking a moment to think about what we made bad together. I know what trouble I made, but he is the same as me...
stubborn like a jackass and sticking to our ideas.

Last week I talked to him, he don't know where to put his head and what to say when I take a conversation with him. I stop him by saying if he was about to restart an new war when we planed to do a date the same day. He shut up. Then I said that it will be more proper to let us a break before he drag himself crazy. He accepted.

So, we still dating this day, happily, but at the end, we going to let us go for a moment. When I explained all what I meant to him before sleeping with him, he whispered "I'm sorry." "Sorry for what?" I reply "For eveything I said to you." he finish it. I'm now happy. I know he mean for everthing bad he said to me.

L'attachement est important
Peu importe le contexte
Mais pour lui c'est:
Il n'y a pas juste les amis dans la vie
Et je ne suis pas son amie
Mais sa blonde, sa petite amie

Prouve moi le que je suis spéciale à tes yeux.
Ca Prend Un Dessin Pour Comprendre by JanieLemire
Et fait quelque chose avec moi que tu n'as pas l'habitude de faire avec les autres.


The one who will give me a Core aka Premium Mumbership will get something from me.
I'll talk to the one how many time in the calendar you want to "borrow" me with some collaborations please.

But I warn, if I do fan characters I'll give your requests to you in stash to put them in your gallerys.
This is the Theme song of the game but I slow down the song in the second video because I found it "too fast" to me. Tell me wish one you really like?

Video games
I'm exausted.
There's other things to do in my life that can make me feel better anyway.
I don't want Tigress in my name anymore, I just want to be Janie.

My boyfriend begin to irritate me with his way to simplicate things.
Everytime I don't want to watch or won't do something with him he always about to judge me like: "I think you're too deprive on yourself." I want to slap him. He can find someone else if he's not happy with me then. And me too. He still haves the behaviors of what bofriends do, that's at least the only one thing I can clearly accept from him. But damn! I hate the way he talk to me. He's like a derp video game reviewer youtuber, they are like children's speaking. I searsh some adult behaviors here.

He's alergic to eggs and CATS!!! He have eczema and he adore dogs. He pretend to be good at drawing because he's an artist too but I don't find his stuffs wonderful (compared to me) He don't find my art spectacular because he IS an artist with his artist opinions. That's all opposite of me. I don't thing we are made to live together more I know him... He's always quite at table when we eating, I hate silence, I want conversations. When he bored, he's on the couch with his cellphone keep watching league of legends, overwatch reviews videos, derp video, MEMES... He don't push his ass more for me once he's at home with me I guess.
I hate all of this. I want to go outside, but winter is cold at the moment.

When summer will be there, I swear everything will change.
New job
New sewing passions
New life style
New goals

What is your pass-time when you don't use video games and draws?

Oh! And I never want to be private of cats! EVER!

I finally know what this type of style is called!
I love that style!
I missed the sonic fandom when all good artists were doing good shits every weeks anytimes... now we have craps, boom sonamy and lessly peps on our way... uh I'm so demotivated...

I even want to be a young lady who is acting like a young lady should act. Acting like an adult.
I don't want to be childish and being always on video games all day anymore. I feel it inside of me that I need to change... but my boyfriend isin't help me for this. I want to changes. I want something more mature too. I wonder if I take the good idea to date a gamer? Anna  Frozen icon What The F**k Dan edition WHYY

can someone nice can chat me? I need company for a moment....plz...AmazingPhil 3 
I'll short resuming all topics:

Theme: Halloween
Work: Cute and well done.…

Theme: Random, crazy
Work: Sketchy, I can't read.…

Theme: Hentaï
Work: Well done and hot! :heart:…

Sonic Rape Face Icon My favourite is the last one Sonic Rape Face Icon 2 

Dominic Barrette

Post any comments here if you want.
 Happy Happy..Onion Good morning / Good night Deviants! I hope you all are alright these days!onion head 'sleep'
I wanted to make a new update because I feel that I need to let you know why I made less pictures these years.

First of all, I got a boyfriend, Dominic, and since we are together I focus more to make other pictures than SonAmy. And even this, I'm lessly productived in general compared to other years, I know. I don't abandon any comics here, only, I'll officialy taking time to submit arts on DeviantART.

I can tell, I change my lifestyle since I met Dominic, we go to one and other more often now. After school, I walk with him to the Cegep and we're playing with our gang at video games. Once at home, I decide to continue my series I decided to watch. (Sailor Moon, Futurama, Gravity Falls, Card Captor Sakura)

When I'm too longer in front on my computer, I feel dizzy and my back, especialy my neck, hurt a lot. All I want to do after, is to sleep. I can't undle this anymore, I move more today and I'm very happy now. My hon and I help us a lot each other by making massages, it makes so good!RealaxOnionhead Burrito - Onion head 

Tomorrow, I'll go to the first time at Casino with my parents for my mom's birthday! Sadly, my love works that day so I have no chance to take him with me. Onionhead isolated- Onion head Buuuut I still going to have fun! I need to be positive! Onionhead fooood - Onion head

So, that's all I have to give you today! Bebye guys!

What is this project?

This project is about you making your OC more alives by making his/her voice!

What is the goal of this project?

I see a lot of OCs in the Sonic Fandom and when I take time to look at the character I imagine how his/her voice could came out. So this morning, I said to me: Why not asking them how their character sounds like? Let making a Youtube video for the project! It's just for fun and it would be nice to know more about OCs than only showing up a picture of him/herself.

How I going to process?

That is simple, all you need to do is following the instructions below!

1. Link me your OC's picture that you want to voice act in the comments.

2. I'll take your picture and put it in the video montage.

3. Take your cellphone.

4. Record little sentences.

Need help? I'll make exemples:
- Hi! I'm _______ ! Nice to meet yah!
- Watch out! He's going to purchase us!
- Me? Scared? Pff! There's nothing scary here!
- What are you talking about?? Uh?
- I'll take care of this with my super power! (you can call your power here)
- Hahahahaaa! That was so hilarious!!

You need to do at least 5 little texts like these and recording them one at time!
It's dosen't matter if you can speak you own langage if you're not comfortable to speak english!
(I'm french so I'll speak a little bit in french)

You can also try Japanese expressions if you like. XD
Exemple: Naaaani!? Kawaii!! Baka!
But that's need to be in the little texts that you're going to do.
Final result: - I'm not sure you can hundle this that longer... baka!

5. When you're finished, send your records to me by my Email!

When you're about to let your records, please, tell me and let me know who you are!
Because I can't be sure with who I'm going to deal if your username change!
My email is and my name is Janie Lemire.
After done the work, please erase my name from your email list.

6. I'll take your records and putting them in the video montage!

7. When I'll finished, I'll send the video on my Youtube channel!

8. I'll make a journal with the video and tag all you guys who participated and I will let you sharing the result with others!

I'll let you do the stuffs this week, and the next week I'll begin the montage.
I'm about to do the project for the 14th January!


Who is joining the project!

Part #1
1. :iconjanielemire: [X]
Update Moi by JanieLemire
2. Dominic B. [X]
Dominic by JanieLemire
3. :iconfilibolt: [X]
Hemlock the Scorpion  by filibolt
4. :iconwerehog-dust: [X]
Dust Ref by Werehog-Dust
5. :iconriverwolfcreations: [X]
Madi The Dog Reference Sheet by RiverWolfCreations There's A New Outlaw In Town by RiverWolfCreations

Part #2
1. Samuel M. [X]
123f4tg by JanieLemire
2. :iconusia-ula: [X]
Melody Ziron by Usia-Ula
3. :iconknightnicole: [X]
The Red Fury by KnightNicole Emoji thing 1 by KnightNicole
4. :iconcrystalpink1616: [X]
Sparkle - Art Trade - Crystalpink1616 by Happy-Acid
5. :iconwither-wood: [X]
Furry Foxcat by Wither-Wood
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Llama Emoji-03 (Sparkles) [V1] What did you got? Llama-Emoji-12 (Left and Right) [V1]
I received full of money aaand a sewing machine! La la la la
I'm ready for making cute tiger hats and paws! lol Tiger La la la la

About DeviantART, I would like to start a project.
I loooooove making voice actor, so this morning, I was thinking about making my OC voice in a video! If you guys want to participate too, that's simple!

1. I'll try to find good OCs for making the video, I mean, pretty draws that can reach my level.
2. Take a cellphone!La la la la
3. Record you making impressions with little lines!
Hi! My name's Janie! I'm a tiger!
Uh? What did you say?
I'm not sure this is suppose to came out like that!?
Ahahaha! That was too funny!!
*Anger growl* You play with my nerves...

4. Send your records to me by facebook! (I am Kaede)
5. I'll make the montage
6. I'll post to my Youtube channel!

I hope that will be something interesthing at the final. Another Onion Icon 
Christmas time arrive soon, so wanted to make an activity with all my watchers who fallowing me for fun. :)
I want to know what's one of your traditionnal music with your native langage just for showing how interesthing DeviantART can meet people all around the world! 

Let me start first!

I am Canadian French from Québec.
Our traditionnal style is mainly folkloric,
different form France for sure by how we spell words and the style we get.
This music is something that almost every Québecois known when the Saint-Jean festival arrive.
It's talking about a guy who absolutly need a job for making his life XD just like anyone.

So yeah, that's not very a Christmas song but at last I let you discover new things XD
What about you? Rouge Emoticon
Hey! What about my poor bae?


But what bae?


Destiny's back! Back from some choices I made this month.
Yeah, I finally find a new school to finish my secondary 5. :dummy: Yay!
It's close to the cegep where Dominic goes playing games with our gang.
So yeah, I saw him many times since we stop the vocational training and guess what? ...  Meow :3
We do have some feelings for each other! Fox emoji - hearts
We talk, long conversations and finally conclude by:
I love you, but I don't want to be with you cause I know inside of me that we're not gonna be together that longer so to be short, let's just cuddle, hugs, hold hand and making some kisses but don't do sex. XD

I gave him something for Christmas when I've been to the Mini-Comicon so he say about giving me something back ^^
About the Mini-Comicon, it was good! I were costplaying into Riley in Inside Out
's movie so to be fair, no one recognized who I was. DX lol

Here the link for seeing the Mannequin Challenge! I am a dummy!
(I appear in the video at -52sec and at the very end. I have my flip-phone open in my right hand.)…